15 Artistic Wall Clocks That You'll Want In Your Home

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Clocks are obviously functional and serve an important schedule-keeping purpose. However, they can also be a stylish part of your décor. Both of those aspects are why clocks have been found inside homes for ages and will likely always be popular, according to BHome. Residents who appreciate an interior aesthetic surely also like the fact that these items can offer a touch of sophistication and allure to a space.

Whether you don't currently have one or own a broken clock that needs to be replaced, there is an aspect you need to consider while selecting a new timepiece: You may want to think about where it can be placed. Pointing out that wall clocks are a popular option, BHome suggests putting one above where you might sit or on the edge of a general living area. Additionally, you can select a timepiece that stands out if you opt for a certain color that works with whatever shade of paint is on your wall. Beyond that, while acknowledging how creative clocks can be, Bramwell Brown explains that you'll need to choose between seemingly countless materials, mediums, and finishing touches when trying to find a piece that suits your home's particular style. Atomic Projection Clock

15 Artistic Wall Clocks That You

If the idea of an eye-catching timepiece intrigues you, then be sure to check out these artistic wall clocks that you'll definitely want in your home.

If you inherited items from a stylish grandparent or appreciate antique items, then you might have a pocket watch. Of course, you probably don't own one that's this big. This timepiece has been crafted to look like a classic pocket watch with a gold rim, Roman numerals, and even a dial at the top.

The soft pink color of this wall clock means it would add a lightly posh touch to a modern space. However, the black hands and folded design give it an edge. While the peaks may appear random, they're actually deliberately placed where numbers would normally be. This makes it easy to still tell time.

The center of this timepiece, which features elegant numbers and dashes, is attractive enough. Yet it's the birds sitting on and around the face of the clock that make it so artistic. Ideal for a room with country charm, this piece would also work in a space that has a cute cottage vibe.

You'll definitely be able to tell when it's time for tea with this wall clock. Made of cups and saucers that have been affixed to a base, the dainty dishes contrast with the cement backing and sleek hands. Both cute and quirky, it's unlikely that any of your friends will have anything like this piece.

This shiny chrome wall clock features thin bars that extend beyond its main face while also using matching spheres to help you keep track of time. The long black hands that are used extend well beyond the center and take advantage of the open space as part of its creative design that would suit bold styles.

While this clock would enhance the décor in your contemporary home, it almost looks futuristic. Along with being oversized, which makes it a centerpiece and, no doubt, easy to read, the fact that the spaced-out design is affixed directly to the wall makes it wonderfully unique.

While you might not have enough space to fit a full-sized boat on your wall, this charming mini version can be popped up pretty much anywhere. A fantastic addition to a home that embraces nature and outdoorsy activities, the aged look and (faux?) vine of ivy add to the overall artistic effect.

An antique look has been combined with a modern placement to create this crafty metal and wood block wall clock. Thanks to the elegant numbers and distressed wood, you could use this piece in a room that's chic in a cozy kind of way or a space that is much more rustic.

This wall clock might seem to be a simple yellow canvas at first glance. However, when it grabs your attention, you'll notice that the white lines have been used to indicate the hours and minutes are mere ticks on one side and are much longer on the other, giving it a minimalistic abstract look.

Finish off a home that boasts a trendy boho-chic aesthetic with this creatively stylish wall clock. Made of thin copper wires that have been bent, twisted, and woven into captivating shapes, the end result also has a small center circle that holds the hands while anchoring the entire backless piece.

Woodcarving can be a delicate art, and that can clearly be seen in this wall clock. The entire piece — including the rim and Roman numerals — has been individually carved with obvious care. The outside and the center circle are both a clean white shade, adding an elegant accent to the item.

When you have this painted clock, you won't need a landscape or a still-life painting on your wall. On the larger side, you can easily read the numbers which have been positioned in different directions. Beyond that, the aged finish makes this piece look older than it is and gives it a character that you'll surely love.

This piece is both a wall clock and an incredible example of delicate metal art. The rectangular shape means it would fit easily on plenty of structures and could be put up alone or alongside other works of art. The stretched lines are actually Roman numerals, while the hands almost blend into the item.

Celebrate your love of nature or our animal friends with a wall clock that's in the shape of a moose. While the artistic item looks amazing on its own, in this case, it's been placed in a matching black frame which helps it stand out from the wall.

15 Artistic Wall Clocks That You

Desk & Shelf Clocks Something that you might have found in a stylish home back in the '80s, this retro wall clock is just as eye-catching today. With warped light-colored circles that give it a 3D effect and large hands in black and yellow, this might end up being your favorite clock as well as your favorite art piece.