CodeRED bulk notification will be sent tomorrow (Wednesday)

2021-12-08 06:14:27 By : Ms. Janice Hem

No need to panic when you receive a batch notification from CodeRED tomorrow. If you live in Benton or Franklin Counties, you can test on Wednesday (12/8) around 4:45 PM. They send text messages, emails, and even voice messages.

What? You haven’t registered for CodeRED Mast notifications? If there is a disaster, why should you be the last person to know about the disaster?

What if a crazy villain is chasing a futuristic robot policeman and accidentally hits a huge toxic waste canister? You want to know right away, right?

Well, you can enjoy the RoboCop clip that actually happened below (they didn't have a mass notification in 1987, so consider yourself lucky!)

To get more information about the CodeRED bulk notification system and to register, please click here.