Sustainable KT, kinesiology and therapeutic tape for athletes

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Released on December 6, 2021, 12:14 PM EST

For athletes, runners, physiotherapy patients, and many others, kinesiology tape is absolutely necessary. Also known as recovery tape, therapeutic tape, KT tape or brand name KT tape, it can be a very useful tool for relieving various body pains, from muscle weakness to plantar fasciitis to surgical recovery. However, zero waste users may hesitate to use this tool because KT tape usually contains synthetic materials and must be thrown directly into the trash after each use.

Fortunately, some companies are now making environmentally friendly alternatives to KT tape — one of which is biodegradable and compostable — which should help achieve a more sustainable recovery.

Of course, products that can be reused indefinitely will always have the least impact. But since there is no KT tape that can be used permanently, these options are our best at the moment.

KT tape has many benefits for users with physical pain-but you should always consult a doctor before using KT tape. According to the KT Tape brand, it has not been clinically proven to be helpful for all injuries, so be sure to conduct research and consult professionals.

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According to KT Tape's website, both Original and Gentle tapes are made of 100% cotton fiber; however, they each contain an elastic core, which means they are not biodegradable. The brand’s PRO, PRO Extreme and PRO X are all made of synthetic fibers and need to be thrown away after use-so if you prefer famous brand KT Tape products, we recommend Original or Gentle, because there are less fossils in their production Fuel is used in the process.

In other words, the tapes designed by KT Tape are durable, which makes them more sustainable than cheap tapes that can only be used once. KT Tape is hypoallergenic and waterproof, and can last for several days even during sweaty exercises and showers. Therefore, the more days you can stretch a piece of tape, the less waste it causes.

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The Australian company and certification B Corp Nutricare is known for its PATCH strips, which are fully compostable bandages made of bamboo. When we interviewed Hammad Atassi, President of PATCH North America in July 2019, he told us that PATCH plans to release an environmentally friendly kinesiology tape called STRAP-the company has finally done so.

STRAP is described as a natural bamboo strapping tape, made of organic bamboo lyocell fiber and a mineral pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product and packaging are plastic-free, the product is hypoallergenic, and the brand is cruelty and vegan.

STRAP can order black from EarthHero, as well as black and beige from the Package Free Shop. After using and removing each piece of STRAP tape, you just need to throw it into the compost bin.

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Most kinesiology tapes are designed to only stretch in one direction, but Dynamic Tape’s products are advertised as biomechanical tapes, so they can stretch in all directions, and even farther.

According to the brand, the company offers a product called Dynamic Tape Eco, which is made from recycled plastic bottles and is designed to increase resistance but reduce recoil. It uses a black pattern design and was designed by Australian indigenous artist Luke Mallie.

All Dynamic Tape products are sold in plastic-free, recyclable packaging, packaged in tin cans or cardboard boxes. The brand also claims that its original dynamic tape is recyclable, but it is not clear how customers will recycle it.

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