The Dolphins beat the Giants for the fifth time in a row, Joe Shad’s tape doesn’t lie

2021-12-08 05:52:16 By : Mr. Jason Liu

Miami Gardens-For the Dolphins, goodbye is a bad time.

But who can say it, really?

At this time of the season, we can all use R&R for a few days.

Miami scored five consecutive victories with a score of 6-7, and suddenly they were related to the playoffs. It might even be "in the picture." Or even "on the hunt".

No matter what graphics you like for the channel you choose.

Look, Miami may have to compete with Zach Wilson, Trevor Siemian/Taysom Hill, Ryan Tannehill and Mac Jones. We will see.

The Dolphins defeated the Giants 20-9 at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Fin Fun: The trade deadline has passed, the victory is rolling in, Tua, Dolphins let go

Roll Tide: Tua Tagovailoa is solid again, boosted by rookie Jaylen Waddle

5 key points: The Dolphins have won the championship for the fifth time in a row

Tua Tagovailoa is very stable. Zevien Howard appeared again. Jaelan Phillips and Jaylen Waddle continued their rookie appearances. Let us look back at Sunday.

Ask any coach, he may agree, "The tape does not lie."

• The greatness of Xavien. Take a moment to understand how special Dolphins All Pro cornerback Xavien Howard is. He is the kind of player who can help you win a championship. Howard was intercepted again on Sunday, this time in a deep pass in the first quarter. Howard and security guard Jevin Holland merged. If it weren't for Harvey, Jevin might be the interceptor.

What a deep ball dynamic duo.

On Monday, Howard explained that Giants quarterback Mike Glennon wanted him to "jump" out of an outside line, but he followed "seven routes", which was a deep corner pass. Howard said: "I finally saw the ball in the air and started attacking." He made it all seem so simple. Great people are like this, aren't they?

• Tua's dunks and dunks annoyed opponents. Cut paper to death. However you want to explain it. Tagavoiloa is just short passes one after another, which really annoys the opponent. And Miami’s catchers almost always run the short-circuit after the short-circuit. After Sunday’s game, Dolphins defensive guard Logan Ryan said he could become an emergency quarterback for the Giants because he “much like Tua, a left-handed. I can pass 2 yards to the left.”

This season, the opposition defender has repeatedly ridiculed Tua. Earlier this season, a jet defensive winger with a hyphenated name said that Tua's deep attempt was basically a "prayer." Look, until Tagovailoa shows that he can complete more deep passes, the opponent will have something to say. After this game, Tagovailoa said what he often said, basically, the Dolphins are accepting what the Giants gave them.

This is an update on the "big moves" of Tua, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert, which means career passes for more than 20 yards:

Justin Herbert: 27 career starts, 93 completed, 18 touchdowns

Joe Burrow: 22 career starts, 64 completed, 15 touchdowns

Tua Tagovailoa: 17 career starts, 36 completed, 2 touchdowns

• Improve the play of the offensive line. No, it is not perfect. But let us applaud Liam Eichenberg-Austin Jackson-various centers-Robert Hunt-Jesse Davis for some of the improvements over the past four weeks. In particular, Hunter has become a very reliable player for Miami's right back.

Eichenberg is somewhat stable on left tackle. Jackson seems to be more suitable for defenders than for tackles. On Sunday, the return of center Michael Deiter went well.

Miami has sprinted for more than 100 yards in two of the past four games. Tua has been fired five times in the past four games, which is an improvement. In his first five games, he was fired seven times.

According to Pro Football Reference, there are actually 13 teams that allow a higher percentage of pressure than Miami. Miami still ranks second in total allowable pressure, tied for fifth in allowed rush, and tied for fourth in least passing time.

It's not very good, but it's not the worst.

• Jaelan's sacking ability. When watching Jaelan Phillips sack, one of the things is how much ground he can cover when he finds a quarterback willing to be a prey. Phillips can complete a pass of 7 yards, 8 yards or more in an instant, and the quarterback must understand that they don't have as much time as they thought. Why can he do this? Because of his tall stature, high stride length, fast speed, and consistent athletic ability.

One of the biggest problems with various physical samples and combined fighter types is inconsistent efforts. This is not the case with this guy. It is power. It's speed. It is hard work. It will be very interesting to watch. Does Phillips have the rapid twitching power of Cameron Wake? will not. But he will be able to transform power into speed and speed into power in a unique way. 

• Eliminate concerns. Jason Sanders must do better. The Dolphins rank 27th in the NFL in field goal percentage. This is unforgivable. In the 1930s, 1940s, and 50s, he missed it twice. He missed an extra point. Miami will decide one, two or three games with three points or less after goodbye. I hope Sanders can find a warm beach in Keys to relax and clear his mind. 

• DeVante Parker's haters are too much. Dewant Parker is an elite talent. Yes, throughout his career, he has often been plagued by lingering muscle diseases. But the number of games he missed in the first six seasons is actually not surprising: 2, 1, 3, 5, 0, 2. Yes, Parker missed 7 of 13 games this season. But when he is on the court, Parker is a very valuable weapon for Tagovaloa. Who completed a spectacular three-point sideline grab with four minutes left on Sunday to help seal the victory? Yes, that's right, Parker.

He did a good job of passing the ball in the high post. He is able to use excellent body control in the air, and can also knock with his toes to keep his feet in line. Do you know what dolphin needs? A person who can really pass the ball for more than 20 yards in the air. Do you know one of the few dolphins that has been doing this since 2015? Yes, Parker.

The following are the leaders in Miami’s 20-yard or more catches since Parker entered the league: Dewant Parker (68), Kenny Steele (43), Jarvis Landry (33), Mike Gesic (29), Preston Williams (14), Albert Wilson (12). The haters have gone too far.

• goodbye. It's hard not to meet again after the trip to London (yes, even for our privileged sports writers), but it's a good thing to relax on the weekends. The Dolphins have a legal chance to enter the NFL playoffs. If you win, you are not out. At least the Dolphins-Jets competition on December 19 is meaningful. can not wait anymore.