Joel Embiid wore a thick tape around his wrist during the 76ers shooting training

2021-12-08 05:51:04 By : Mr. Hugo Chen

When the Philadelphia 76ers prepare to face the Atlanta Hawks on Friday to continue their 4-game road trip, their star big man seems to be dealing with a wrist injury.

Joel Embiid was hit in the wrist by Enes Freedom in the loss to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, which seemed to bother him a bit. When the team held a shooting training session at the State Farm Arena on Friday morning, Embiid had a lot of tape on his wrist, which seemed to affect him on the court.

"This happens when the Liberty team has too much freedom," Embiid joked after losing. "I took a pretty big hit in the first quarter. Hope it will get better, but it's very painful for the rest of the process. When I pitch the ball rhythmically, I can feel it. "I'm making free throws and This feeling is most felt when shooting a three-pointer. Hope it will get better. "

#Sixers Center Joel Embiid has a bandage on his right wrist. This was the result of being hit in the wrist by Celtics center Enes Freedom on Wednesday night.

— Keith Pompey (@PompeyOnSixers) December 3, 2021

The superstar big man had a terrible game on Wednesday. He shot 3 of 17 from the field. The 76ers will have to figure out how to put Embiid against a tough Hawks team. The Hawks provide some good defenders, such as Clint Capela, who can throw them at him. Philadelphia must also figure out what to do when Trae Young enters the paint zone.

The tip from the State Farm Arena is scheduled to air on ESPN at 7:30 PM EST.

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