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2021-12-08 05:51:11 By : Ms. Vicky Wu

Nassau County, Florida-On Tuesday, during the murder trial of a Nassau County woman accused of killing a colleague of Yulee's hair salon, testimony resumed the next day.

Kimberly Kessler was charged with the murder of 34-year-old Jolyn Cummings, who was reported missing in May 2018. Cummings' body was never found.

On Monday, lawyers said that the blood splattered in the salon was evidence of a fight between Kessler and her alleged victim.

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Warning: Some descriptions of the evidence below may include graphic content that may disturb the reader.

5 pm: The court ends the day.

4:45 pm: Tangles manager Anh Morgan testified that Cummings never trusted Kessler and told her the day before Cummings disappeared.

2:42 pm: Many jurors are taking notes, their heads moving between the people on the podium and the people on the witness stand. 

2:26 pm: Additional footage showing Kessler opening and closing the bandage. The former FDLE investigator testified that Kessler told her that she applied super glue to some of the cuts in an attempt to seal them.

2:22 pm: A crime scene investigator in St. John’s County where Kessler was initially detained testified that he took pictures of Kessler’s injuries.

SJC crime scene investigators testified about taking photos of #KimberlyKessler injuries pic.twitter.com/z8u7mIhOYq

2:01 pm: Kessler’s boots and the spray bottle where Cummings’ blood was found are shown to the jurors.

The boots of #KimberlyKessler, along with the spray bottle where the blood of #JoleenCummings was found, are shown to the jurors pic.twitter.com/vw6LrfGtx6

1:56 pm: The afternoon meeting began. A former FDLE special work permit stated that Cummings' bloodstains were found on Kessler's boots, which were seized from her Sadler Road storage unit.

11:10 am: The prosecutor showed Kessler's scissors to the jurors. Investigators found Cummings' blood on the scissors.

The prosecutor is now showing #KimberlyKessler's scissors to the jurors, and investigators found #JoleenCumming's blood on the scissors@FCN2go pic.twitter.com/9w4C5NAka7

9:41 AM: The owner of Tangles stated that they did not recognize the potted plant after the previous potted plant disappeared from the salon on the same day that Cummings disappeared. It was found to be uprooted behind the salon. Prosecutors said the video showed that Kessler had purchased a replacement palm.

This is a potted plant that the owner of Tangles said they didn't know. The original plant disappeared from the salon on the same day as #JoleenCummings. It was found to be uprooted behind the salon. The prosecutor said that the video showed that #KimberlyKessler purchased a replacement palm. pic.twitter.com/ztdoE1yRcH

9:32 AM: First Coast News reporter Annie Schindler: "My position was corrected-they actually performed 3 scans. On May 19, 2018, the detectives returned to the Tangles Salon. They have now discovered A blue plastic trash can containing blood evidence and part of #JoleenCummings' nails."

My position has been corrected-they actually did 3 scans. On May 19, 2018, the detectives returned to the Tangles Salon. They have now found a blue plastic trash can with blood stains and part of #JoleenCummings nails @FCN2go

9:15 am: When Luminol was sprayed, the floor of Tangles lit up and blood evidence could be detected.

9 am: For photos of evidence of blood found during the second sweep of the tangle, please see the photos below, which were not found in the first search.

These are the blood evidence photos found during the second sweep of the Tangled Salon and were not found in the first search @FCN2go #KimberlyKessler pic.twitter.com/DP3ACsoxUa

8:53 am: The Nassau Sheriff’s Office conducted two crime scene raids on the Tangles Salon, because when they visited with prosecutor Donna Thurson after the first raid, they discovered that the investigators had initially Dozens of additional blood spots and spatters that were missed.

8:47 am: One of the witnesses was Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Mark Murphy, a detective in the crime scene department. Cummings disappeared during the investigation and dealt with Tangled Sharon several times. He said he saw red-brown stains on the desk calendar at the front desk of the salon.

8:36 am: Due to Kessler’s “continuous behavior and inability to discuss pending trials with lawyers”, Kessler’s defense team once again updated its motion for a new psychiatric evaluation. Judge Daniel said that Kessler’s behavior was the same as the behavior that the doctor had analyzed, and that it was not worth reassessing.

"Her behavior actually got better. She was actually eating... and had stopped doing some of the things she did in prison," the judge said of #KimberlyKessler, she was being wheeled as usual In and out. The court begins now @FCN2go pic.twitter.com/cxTtozHgKW

8:34 am: Kessler was brought into court and told the judge "I reject the lawyer", calling her statement "unfair", and again claiming that the public defender Jordan Beard is Cummings' cousin. The two are not related.

The judge expelled Kessler from the courtroom on the grounds that she refused to cooperate, and reiterated that if she changes her mind, she might return to the courtroom.

8:30 am: The court is scheduled to resume. 

The court is about to begin the second day of the Kimberly Kessler trial. In the front right corner of the courtroom, I saw a large cardboard box with red tape on it and "evidence" written on it. @FCN2go

After the outbreak caused the court to be distracted, the first thing Kessler did was to be escorted out of the court.

Once she was taken away, prosecutors and defense lawyers began to speak in court on Monday morning. The judge said that if Kessler interrogated the bailiff and would not cause any future interference, she would be allowed to return to court. 

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