High-speed drip irrigation tape production line

Xindacheng high speed thin wall flat drip irrigation pipe production lineTechnical parameter :ModelXDC-DGG300BPipe diameterPipe thicknessHighest speedDistance of dripper(P12-16-20-22-25mm0.12-0.6mm0.2-1.0mm(optional)320m/min100,150s 200,300,400s 500-1500mm Space 100mmSpace 200mmSpace 300mmLine speed 300m/minL

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Xindacheng high speed thin wall flat drip irrigation pipe production line
Technical parameter :

Pipe diameterPipe thicknessHighest speedDistance of dripper
320m/min100,150s 200,300,400s 500-
Space 100mm
Space 200mm
Space 300mm
Line speed 300m/min
Line speed 320m/min
Line speed 320m/min

Product description :
Drip irrigation pipe machine is a high-speed production equipment of thin-wall drip irrigation pipe independently developed by XINDACHENG. 'ZEANON' is an independent brand developed by Qingdao Xindacheng together with European well-known drip line. Zeanon products cover all aspects of the drip irrigation field, including water-saving irrigation technology & machinery, engineering design, drip products and drip irrigation pipe machine.
  1. Dripper feeder device: double sets. Dripper feeding speed: 3000pcs/min.
  2. Have dripper buffer device, make sure non-stop machinery even if happen bad quality dripper block on feeder.
  3. Extruder: Servo direct drive, save power.
  4. Extruder die head & calibrating: Germany technology, thickness adjustable.
  5. Configuration: One-button automatic pipe-holding dripper insert device.
  6. Irrigation pipe accumulator equipped with the most advanced European parallel accumulator device.
  7. Automatic drilling device: 3 units, speed: 3000times/min.
  8. Configure online automatic imaging analysis and monitoring punching system: monitor the punching status, realize the error automatic alarm function, and ensure the product punching rate.
  9. Line speed : 300m/min, it is the fastest production efficiency in the world.      
              dripper space 100mm, speed: 300m/min
                dripper space 200mm, speed: 320m/min

                dripper space 300mm, speed: 320m/min
High-speed drip irrigation tape production line
  • Configured with advanced dripper dripper buffer and insertion unite (Europe technology)
  • Insert 3000 pieces of dripper per minute.
High-speed drip irrigation tape production line
  • Advanced dripper,weights only 0.1g/pcs(China exclusive agent).
  • Qingdao Xindacheng import from Europe, China exclusive agent
  • High efficient inner irrigation pipe dripper adopted high efficient injection mold technology.
  • All produced in Europe, to make sure of the quality.
High-speed drip irrigation tape production line
  • Double Auto Punching Unit(3 unit)-leading technology in the world;
  • Punching device fixed with online monitor & picture indentify system, store the punching system;
  • Auto alarm for wrong punching, it is controlled by PLC system;
  • Tracking and adjust the punching system in time.
High-speed drip irrigation tape production line
Auto winder + Accumulator device
  • This is an important part of the drip irrigation pipe machine.
  • It is drive by servo motor.
  • Automatically wind the dripper irrigation pipe.
  • Controlled by PLC system.
High-speed drip irrigation tape production line

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