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Polyurethone Spandex BandagePolyurethone materialHigh elasticMaterial: PolyurethoneCrepe and plain available, skin colour is availableSizes: 5cm*4.5m, 7.5cm*4.5m, 10cm*4.5m, 15cm*4.5mSpecificationsSpandex Skin Color Elastic Bandage1. CE & FDA2. Good air permeablity3. Good Waterproof4. Comfortable with no skill allergySpandex

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Polyurethone Spandex Bandage
Polyurethone material
High elastic
Material: Polyurethone
Crepe and plain available, skin colour is available
Sizes: 5cm*4.5m, 7.5cm*4.5m, 10cm*4.5m, 15cm*4.5m

Spandex Skin Color Elastic Bandage
1. CE & FDA
2. Good air permeablity
3. Good Waterproof
4. Comfortable with no skill allergy
Spandex Skin Color Elastic Bandage

This product, made of low stretch yarn and imported latex yarn, has the advantages as
1. High elasticity and good breathability.
2. Even in pressure, tight to skin, unlikely to get loose.
3. Suitable for sprained arms and legs, soft tissue injury, and swelling or aching joints; Can
Be used to fastn small plaster splints and assist the treatment of varicose
Veins, fractures, swellings after bandage removal, and after disinfection, can be used to
Assist the dressing of post-operational wounds, or be used for other purposes according to
The instruction from the doctor.


Elastic Plain Bandages With Rubber (Bleaching);
Elastic Plain Bandages With Rubber (White);
Elastic Plain Bandages With Rubber (Complexion);
SMD-290501PBT Conforming bandage 5cm*4.5m1080pcs/ctn42x32x50cm
SMD-290502PBT Conforming bandage 7.5cm*4.5m720pcs/ctn42x32x50cm
SMD-290503PBT Conforming bandage 10cm*4.5m540pcs/ctn42x32x50cm
SMD-290504PBT Conforming bandage 15cm*4.5m360pcs/ctn42x32x50cm
SMD-290505High rentention conforming bandage 5cm*4m1080pcs/ctn42x32x50cm
SMD-290506High rentention conforming bandage 7.5cm*4m720pcs/ctn42x32x50cm
SMD-290507High rentention conforming bandage 10cm*4m540pcs/ctn42x32x50cm
SMD-290508PBT Conforming bandage with rubber 5cm*4.9m720pcs/ctn52x32x42cm
SMD-290509PBT Conforming bandage with rubber 7.5cm*3.2m480pcs/ctn52x32x42cm
SMD-290510PBT Conforming bandage with rubber 10cm*3.2m360pcs/ctn52x32x42cm
SMD-290511PBT Conforming bandage with rubber 15cm*3.2m240pcs/ctn52x32x42cm
SMD-290512Spendex crepe bandage 75g/m2,   5cm*4.5m720pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290513Spendex crepe bandage 75g/m2,   7.5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290514Spendex crepe bandage 75g/m2,   10cm*4.5m360pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290515Spendex crepe bandage 75g/m2,   15cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290516Spendex crepe bandage 85g/m2,   5cm*4.5m720pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290517Spendex crepe bandage 85g/m2,   7.5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290518Spendex crepe bandage 85g/m2,   10cm*4.5m360pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290519Spendex crepe bandage 85g/m2,   15cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290520Spendex crepe bandage with blue line 75g/m2,   5cm*4.5m720pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290521Spendex crepe bandage with blue line 75g/m2,   7.5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290522Spendex crepe bandage with blue line 75g/m2,   10cm*4.5m360pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290523Spendex crepe bandage with blue line 75g/m2,   15cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290524Spendex crepe bandage with blue line 85g/m2,   5cm*4.5m720pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290525Spendex crepe bandage with blue line 85g/m2,   7.5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290526Spendex crepe bandage with blue line 85g/m2,   10cm*4.5m360pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290527Spendex crepe bandage with blue line 85g/m2,   15cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290528Spendex crepe bandage with red line 75g/m2,   5cm*4.5m720pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290529Spendex crepe bandage with red line 75g/m2,   7.5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290530Spendex crepe bandage with red line 75g/m2,   10cm*4.5m360pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290531Spendex crepe bandage with red line 75g/m2,   15cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290532Spendex crepe bandage with red line 85g/m2,   5cm*4.5m720pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290533Spendex crepe bandage with red line 85g/m2,   7.5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290534Spendex crepe bandage with red line 85g/m2,   10cm*4.5m360pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290535Spendex crepe bandage with red line 85g/m2,   15cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn52x32x40cm
SMD-290536Super elastic bandage 5cm*4.5m720pcs/ctn52x32x42cm
SMD-290537Super elastic bandage 7.5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn52x32x42cm
SMD-290538Super elastic bandage 10cm*4.5m360pcs/ctn52x32x42cm
SMD-290539Super elastic bandage 15cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn52x32x42cm
SMD-290540Gauze bandage with knitted edge 26x18mesh, 5cm*4m1080pcs/ctn32x30x35cm
SMD-290541Gauze bandage with knitted edge 26x18mesh, 7.5cm*4m720pcs/ctn32x30x35cm
SMD-290542Gauze bandage with knitted edge 26x18mesh, 10cm*4m540pcs/ctn32x30x35cm
SMD-290543Gauze bandage with knitted edge 26x18mesh, 15cm*4m360pcs/ctn32x30x35cm
SMD-290544Gauze bandage with knitted edge 30x20mesh, 5cm*5m1080pcs/ctn32x30x35cm
SMD-290545Gauze bandage with knitted edge 30x20mesh, 7.5cm*5m720pcs/ctn32x30x35cm
SMD-290546Gauze bandage with knitted edge 30x20mesh, 10cm*5m540pcs/ctn32x30x35cm
SMD-290547Gauze bandage with knitted edge 30x20mesh, 15cm*5m360pcs/ctn32x30x35cm
SMD-290548Pure cotton crepe bandage, 75g/m2, 5cm*4m480pcs/ctn65x48x27cm
SMD-290549Pure cotton crepe bandage, 75g/m2, 7.5cm*4m240pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290550Pure cotton crepe bandage, 75g/m2, 10cm*4m240pcs/ctn65x43x27cm
SMD-290551Pure cotton crepe bandage, 75g/m2, 15cm*4m120pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290552Pure cotton crepe bandage, 85g/m2, 5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn65x48x27cm
SMD-290553Pure cotton crepe bandage, 85g/m2, 7.5cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290554Pure cotton crepe bandage, 85g/m2, 10cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x43x27cm
SMD-290555Pure cotton crepe bandage, 85g/m2, 15cm*4.5m120pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290556Pure cotton crepe bandage, 110g/m2, 5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn65x48x27cm
SMD-290557Pure cotton crepe bandage, 110g/m2, 7.5cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290558Pure cotton crepe bandage, 110g/m2, 10cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x43x27cm
SMD-290559Pure cotton crepe bandage, 110g/m2, 15cm*4.5m120pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290560Pure cotton plain bandage, 140g/m2, 5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn65x48x27cm
SMD-290561Pure cotton plain bandage, 140g/m2, 7.5cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290562Pure cotton plain bandage, 140g/m2, 10cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x43x27cm
SMD-290563Pure cotton plain bandage, 140g/m2, 15cm*4.5m120pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290564Pure cotton plain bandage, 160g/m2, 5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn65x48x27cm
SMD-290565Pure cotton plain bandage, 160g/m2, 7.5cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290566Pure cotton plain bandage, 160g/m2, 10cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x43x27cm
SMD-290567Pure cotton plain bandage, 160g/m2, 15cm*4.5m120pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290568Crepe bandage with wave texture, 5cm*4.5m480pcs/ctn65x48x27cm
SMD-290569Crepe bandage with wave texture, 7.5cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x34x27cm
SMD-290570Crepe bandage with wave texture, 10cm*4.5m240pcs/ctn65x43x27cm
SMD-290571Crepe bandage with wave texture, 15cm*4.5m120pcs/ctn65x34x27cm

10cm*4.5m Spandex Crepe Bandage in High Quliaty From Sunmed

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