How to make the perfect DIY gift wrapping station-Nation Online

2021-12-08 06:09:23 By : Ms. FEIDA GLASSES

Wrapping holiday gifts can be fun-but if your gift wrapping station is messy (and the wrapping paper is always rolled off the table and unraveled), it can also be tedious. This is why it is worth the extra time to set up a perfect and practical gift wrapping station. Here are some tips to help you succeed this holiday season.

The first thing you need is a large enough surface—preferably a surface high enough to wrap comfortably while standing. The kitchen table is the first choice for many people, but it is also open-air (the recipient of your gift may find you there), and it may be inconvenient if the whole family eats most of the meals there. A less-used dining table may be an option, a portable folding table set in the guest room, or even a temporary surface made of two sawhorses and a piece of plywood is a solution. No matter which method you choose, you need a space wide enough to hold your paper, boxes, tape, scissors, and various gift packaging accessories, such as ribbons and bows.

To help control the mess, consider using some kraft paper or butcher's paper to wrap the table or makeshift workbench. Use blue paint tape to secure the paper to the underside of the edge of the table to make it easier to remove the paper. This way, when you finish your work, you don’t have to sweep up debris or peel off loose tapes from the table—just peel off the paper and recycle it.

If you have a lot of gifts to pack and you really want your workstation to resemble a professional operating table, then maybe it's time to consider buying a wrapping paper dispenser. This not only prevents your paper from rolling off the table, but also has a tear-off strip that can be cut easily (and straight).

If you have several different rolls, another way to store gift packaging is to make a set of small rooms with PVC pipes. PVC must be cut to 18 inches to work-you can cut it at your local hardware store, or you can cut it yourself with a saw, saw, or other electric saw with the correct blade. After cutting the PVC, it is bonded with multi-purpose PVC cement into a pyramid shape. The important part of this storage solution is that you can use it horizontally or vertically. To make the vertical storage method work better, you need to glue a square plywood or other sturdy board to one end of the PVC pyramid.

For ribbon dispensers, PVC is again useful. A small piece of PVC scrap with a diameter of 4 or 5 inches and a 1-inch slot at one end is ideal for use as a ribbon dispenser. Pass the ribbon through the slot and place the PVC slot side down on the table to prevent the ribbon roll from tangling.

Plastic food containers with slots or holes are also suitable for ribbons. Put the spool into the container and pass the end through the slot. Put the lid on the container and now you have an excellent dispenser. You can also use a metal paper towel dispenser, which is installed on a wall or under a shelf to place multiple ribbons. These dispensers are also suitable for baker's twine and string. Put the ribbon on the spool and leave the workbench until you need it. This will make your packaging space less cluttered.

Using a desktop tool organizer or a homemade version made from a paper towel tube, cut the paper towel tube in half, then glue it to a sturdy cardboard or small wood chips, and fix the scissors, pens and markers to the fence. A good method for the work surface to be organized, tidy and orderly. You can also use these smaller organizers to organize gift tags and decorations. Another option for small tool storage is a pegboard or pencil box-these options will keep your tools within reach, but away from your desk and your way.